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Courses Thinking Conceptually
This workshop gives students hands-on practice in conceptualizing, drafting, and reviewing products that are customer-focused, clear, and logical.
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Writing for the Busy Executive
This workshop gives students hands-on practice in drafting memos, letters, talking points, award nominations, and other forms of communication intended for senior executives in either the private or government sector.
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Analytic Tools and Techniques Workshop
What is analysis? Why are frameworks important? How can I overcome mindsets and avoid surprise by using Indicators, Key Assumptions Checks, Devil’s Advocacy, and ACH?
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Advanced Critical Thinking Skills
Learn how to use critical thinking skills in your work by framing your line of argument, developing hypotheses, visualizing data, and writing your final product with clarity and persuasiveness.
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Professional Analytic Tools and Writing Workshop
This workshop introduces the principles of structured analytic techniques and the basic concepts in professional analytic writing through numerous hands-on exercises and writing assignments.
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Writing Skills for Intelligence Analysts
This workshop presents basic concepts of effective writing, whereby the instructors provide personalized feedback to the students on writing assignments.
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Advanced Courses Advanced Analytic Tools and Techniques
Learn new approaches to Data Visualization and Risk Analysis and practice new techniques like Quadrant Crunching, The Pre-Mortem Assessment, and Te@m ACH.
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Critical Thinking for Teams
Apply critical thinking skills as you work your way through all phases of a major project or research paper. Preference is given to teams of analysts beginning a project.
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Advanced Writing
Hone your skills by writing six intelligence products; receive personal, individualized feedback from instructors who are accomplished writers and editors in the profession.
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Advanced Briefing
Review what makes for an effective presentation, prepare several briefings, practice delivering them, and review your presentations on videotape.
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Maximizing the Analytic Review Process
Designed for reviewers of written analytic products, this course provides practical experience and exercises to give the participant a personal reviewing strategy that can be applied immediately to their daily work.
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Strategic Counterterrorism Issues and Practices
Explore the current thinking on strategic counterterrorism issues and research and practice applying analytical tools to topics such as radicalization.
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